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Communications Strategy

Your communications strategy needs to fit with your organisation’s wider objectives. Our consultants cross-check and shape campaigns, ensuring that they are measurable and will deliver against corporate aims. We report back on results, apply learnings and evolve our programmes.
Media and Social Engagement

Our campaigns combine classic media relations with social media, across multiple channels. Engagement is meticulously planned so that social feeds off media relations, and vice versa. All touch points are carefully tracked, with fine-tuning occurring throughout a campaign.
Crisis Communications

Crises can happen due to one’s own errors or external forces. Our highly skilled consultants can help navigate choppy waters. It can be via social listening to track sentiment, fast-turnaround responses, media briefings, online channel management and senior support. Our recommendations at the end will inform further activity.
New Products and Launches

As PR specialists, we regularly promote products and services in new markets. As a complementary service, our planners will use digital tools to help review previous campaigns within your sector and suggest the creatives and executions most likely to be effective.
Story-telling and Thought Leadership

Every story we develop has to battle to be heard. Standing-out requires the right language, germane messaging, the relevant tone and a compelling narrative; these are tasks that our team excel at. Cut-through cannot be left to chance.
Content and Brand Campaigns

We keep brands at the forefront of our clients' customers’ minds. Carefully curating engaging content gives brands an extra bounce. Grabbing the journalist’s attention is as important as a social boost. We devise plans balancing social media content with journalist engagement.
Sustain Market Share

The need to secure market share never goes away. Public Relations can help. It gets beyond the limits of paid-for content. It secures endorsement, re-educates the market and encourages referral. With social media it can stimulate new conversations and retrial. A fresh look can reawaken and boost market share.
Profile your Senior Team

Senior communicators often need to raise senior colleagues’ profiles. This can be a tough call. Which is why our directors will work with you to identify the core messages, suggest the appropriate tone and language, and help create distinct voices that will appeal to both journalists and influencers.

The Pembroke and Rye Group houses three market facing brands. The three work coherently, supporting one another when necessary to bring customers a seamless, all-round experience.

"We love a challenge. We know the first idea will rarely do. Ideas that fit with the business objectives take careful shaping. Bringing them to life in a sustainable way requires detailed planning. And, execution is an art in itself."

Kevin Read,  CEO
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