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What we can do for you

1/ Build brand awareness
We keep brands at the forefront of our clients' customers’ minds. Carefully curating engaging content gives brands an extra bounce. Grabbing the journalist’s attention is as important as a social boost.

2/ Enter a new market
Going to market with a new offer can be a challenging task. Whether it’s briefing the lead trade writers, giving context to specialist correspondents or working with picture desks to conjure a unique angle, skilled PR consultants have an important role to play. Just add creative social to stimulate trial purchases.

3/ Profile your senior teamSenior communicators often need to raise senior colleagues’ profiles. This can be a tough call. Which is why our directors will work with you to identify the core messages, suggest the appropriate tone and language, and help create distinct voices that will appeal to both journalists and influencers.

4/ Tell a stronger story
Do you check if your story is still fit for purpose? Are you using the right language, conveying the appropriate benefits and responding to market conditions? These are some of the questions our senior consultants will ask when undertaking a ‘Story Review’.

5/ Sustain market share
The need to secure market shares never goes away. Public Relations can help. It gets beyond the limits of paid-for content. It secures endorsement, re-educates the market and encourages referral. With social media it can stimulate new conversations and retrial. A fresh consultant look can reawaken and boost market share.

6/ Challenge the marketBeing a challenger requires a specific mindset. Taking more risks and punts with creatives are commonplace. Yet, it’s vital that campaigns still fit with the brand strategy. We devise plans with a distinctive perspective, balancing social media content with journalist engagement.

We are an open and curious team that thrives on new experiences and shared interests

We are building a dedicated team through year-round  promotion opportunities, diverse social events and passionate client work.

“Teamwork is a big part of Pembroke and Rye. The best work comes from putting our heads together and whatever task you are about to embark on, you do so with full independence but also with the knowledge that your team will always be there to support you. We deliver quality work that we and our clients are proud of.”  

Account Manager, Pembroke and Rye

Carbon Offsetting Pledge

As a modern agency we understand that our impact on the environment is vital now more than ever.

We consciously make a contribution to projects around the globe including planting Mangrove Trees in Mozambique and helping indigenous communities in Ecuador.

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