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The New Office Blend

For the first quarter of 2021, and for many of the months that preceded it, home working was the only option for us and millions of others.

The new office in Victoria that we had moved to mid- pandemic lay barely used, and face-to-face contact became both a memory and an ambition.

As we moved into March, the Government roadmap held the welcome prospect that we could start to meet again in the weeks ahead. Meeting inside wasn’t an option in April, but a combination of picnics and outdoor drinks enabled us to reunite, and to enjoy the company of colleagues beyond the virtual restraints of Zoom and Teams.

Conversations at these picnics revealed a collective desire amongst the team to return to some office-based working, but also acknowledged that doing so remotely was now proven and effective. With this in mind, we are embracing a journey towards hybrid working.

Suggestions include spending five days out of ten in the office every fortnight once restrictions are lifted, flexible hours to avoid rush hour and a return to team outings. Conversations continue.

For all of us, returning to using our office will be a welcome step forward from the restrictions of Covid, but one that we now know can blend with remote working, rather than competing with it.

Rather than a short term solution, we believe this can be a much longer term formula for our business. One that combines the many benefits of face-to-face engagement in an office environment, with working effectively in remote locations.

Members of the team have expressed excitement for brainstorms on the rooftop, being able to make use of the gym for the first time and of course sampling the lunchtime offers from the catering company starting in July.

The 21st of June will hopefully herald the lifting of all restrictions on office working. Even if this is delayed, we are setting in place an effective and flexible hybrid approach that will help us thrive and grow.

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Written By: Charlie Hampton