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My first month

I grew-up in Singapore, one of Asia’s main business hubs, deeply immersed in the world of business from a young age (courtesy of the family businesses. Yay). The challenges of building a business and ensuring efficient operations have always surrounded me. The buzz and excitement suit my personality.

Yet, my decision to quit work and go back to university (now combined with an additional placement year) feels like a ‘mid-life’ career change.It was a big decision, especially as I chose to go to a foreign university far from home. However, whilst at times I felt terrified by the decision I made to go and study in Oxford – I adopted a positive, millennial outlook and embraced the opportunity. Eleanor Roosevelt’s mantra “Do one thing every day that scares you” continually echoing.

The decision to do a placement in a PR consultancy was another step in the dark. My only prior knowledge consisted of believing ‘YouTubers get PR packages full of wonderful things’. As a staunch believer in supporting small and local, I chanced upon Pembroke and Rye at a careers fair. An application, interview and round of tests, propelled me to their London office, in Victoria.

Starting my journey here, has given me the opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of PR and communications. The tight knit team promotes detailed and dedicated guidance. There are many opportunities to work on projects that would normally only be accessible after a few years of work at a major firm. Pembroke and Rye doesn’t limit its employees to working on clients in certain industries; hence work is always fresh, dynamic and challenging (in a good way of course).

In the month that I’ve been here I have been exposed to clients across a wide range of industries from aviation to agriculture. I’m very proud to say that I even won my first client account just two weeks in. This exposure to the different types of industries has surprised me. I’m discovering new interests and learning every day. I’m enjoying having the opportunity to flex my creative prowess, writing and reading so broadly. Who knows, I might even turn into an #AvGeek by the end of my placement.

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Written By: Crystal Lim