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A September to Remember

Hi, I’m Emma, a recent PR and Communications graduate, from the University of Greenwich.

I have just taken the proud step and joined award winning PR consultancy, Pembroke and Rye.

September has always signified my fresh starts -be it- the start of a new school year, or a fresh term at university.

But before starting my new position as Account Assistant at Pembroke and Rye I had worried that this September might be one to forget.

Consequences of the pandemic on my future job opportunities loomed all summer.

However, I never imagined my first, full-time, “big-girl” job after leaving university would involve working from a laptop in my bedroom.

And from time-to-time I wonder when I will finally get to enjoy that ‘’first office’’ experience.

Yet, I know I am incredibly lucky to have a job at this time.

Equally, I have found all those I am working with to be incredibly kind and encouraging.

In some ways I was looking forward to the daily journey to Victoria. But I now realise that avoiding a 45-minute commute has its upsides.

The commute to my makeshift, home office, saves money and frees up time to explore my new home.  

Nevertheless, I am missing the banter of work, and sharing an office with my new colleagues. However, I’m hopeful it won’t be long until that day comes. Until then, I am excited for the socially distanced team get togethers – I heard London parks are the new hot spot for Line Manager meetings.

When it comes to office attire, the option to substitute the crisp professional look for the oh-so-chic tracksuit bottoms and jumper, is something I could get used to.

But the tracksuits, home offices, and team meetings at the park, separate me further from Feisty. The office puppy, so tiny and fluffy, might be the most painfully missed office experience so far.  

But it’s not all doom and gloom working remotely. Getting to know my team feels more deliberate and sincere- as we all need to make the conscious effort to schedule calls on Teams and Zoom.

We have our weekly games night, which is a great way to remind us that we have fun together. And our story of the week, which creates an open dialogue about our industry and the media - and it’s a breather from our daily duties.

It is a unique experience to be immersed in a team, who has so successfully transferred the way we work to a digital realm. Conducting our daily business on Zoom and Teams has allowed us to constantly evolve and adapt the way we communicate.


I am incredibly excited to be at Pembroke and Rye. And eager to see where it leads me.

And to be sure, I will remember this September, like no other.

Written By: Emma Yardley,

Account Assistant