Our Experience

Trade Associations

Our senior team has worked extensively with trade bodies and pressure groups, often focusing on high-profile, topical issues.

The campaigns that we develop and run involve meticulous planning, detailed audience assessment, the evolution of tailored messaging, and timely delivery via carefully blended media relations and social engagement.

We can run a 24-hour campaign office through to carefully orchestrated one-off events and intricate Facebook and LinkedIn initiatives.

Recent work includes campaigns around Brexit, Fast Fashion, Safe Travel and Quarantine.  


The quest for experience continues to stimulate this vibrant marketplace. We love showcasing a new destination or product for an airline or a travel company.

We regularly promote special offers to interesting new locations. We have a great knowledge across destinations in five continents.

Our work, which incorporates leading brands and specialist outlets, balances classic media relations with influencer programmes and finely tuned social media engagement.


Despite the much-heralded decline of the High Street, we still regularly work with retailers keen to seek new customers and introduce new products and services.

Often our clients combine 'clicks' and 'bricks' and our campaigns carefully blend classic and digital media approaches.

In recent times our work has also involved increasing the profile of the management teams behind new retail initiatives.

Professional Services

We have worked with many professional services firms including lawyers, accountants and management consultants.

Our deep understanding of how partnerships work has enabled us to undertake a variety of assignments. These range from promoting new teams or specialist services through to assisting with new business acquisition and thought leadership.
Equally, we have taken on projects around individual cases and enjoy highlighting niche sector offers.

Our work always involves blending first class media relations with effective social media engagement.      


Whether it is a case of highlighting new social housing, revamped retail outlets or recently completed mix-use major developments, communications will play a critical role in ensuring that projects are successfully completed.

Our team has experience of working with local communities, shaping messages for political stakeholders, briefing local and national media as well as developing support materials for on and off plan sales.


New technology is transforming financial services. Our team has worked with market leaders seeking to encourage their customers to adapt and make wider use of new technologies.

Equally, we have run campaigns for new entrants keen to disrupt marketplaces.

Our work blends classic media relations and social media designed to explain, educate and stimulate the trial of new services.

Our awareness raising work is often linked to powerful thought leadership initiatives tailored to specific market segments.


In today's ever-changing world, the finance briefs that we receive are highly diverse.

We are comfortable aiding global leaders to launch and sustain major thought leadership positions through to assisting market entrants keen to attract and educate new customers.

Changing customer expectations on the business and consumer side, combined with ever-changing and evolving technology, means that carefully planned and integrated campaigns are the order of the day.


Events are big business and require expert skills to ensure that the return of investment on taking a stand or sending a team to visit is worthwhile.

Effective media relations and a strong social media campaign can make all the difference in attracting footfall and identifying new leads. Getting into a Show Daily or knowing the best time to host events can be critical.

Our team has extensive experience of running client programmes at some of the world’s largest Expos as well as promoting some of the world’s largest Expos themselves.


We work right across the aviation supply chain. This includes raising awareness of specialist support services through to airports.

Briefs have included reframing and refreshing client narratives and  explaining, most often to the B2B market, about new services that are being introduced.

In this field we also offer an advisory service to tackle ongoing issues and any crisis situations that arise.

“Pembroke and Rye brings a passionate team to all they do. Their work shapes opinions and gets people talking.”

- Clive Wratten, CEO, The Business Travel Association